TECHNO ENGINEERING was established by a team of professionals, experienced in designing the finest and most cost effective water treatment equipment around the country. TECHNO ENGINEERING team brought the low cost, advanced quality water purification system to the nationwide market by focusing on customer value and utilizing their engineering experience.

TECHNO ENGINEERING gives its customers, the best combination of the old and the new. Growth through innovation is life. Growth through geographical expansion is the motor for a long- term dynamic company developments. We work on the realization of dynamic growth potential in all industrial and commercial business areas.

For our life: water is the most important resource on earth. Our aim is to ensure the purity of this resource - a global challenge for TECHNO ENGINEERING.


We treat / supply:

Drinking water systems / plants.

Process & boiler feed water, filtration, all type of dosing / disinfections.

Reverse Osmosis Plants.

Ion exchange systems: water softeners, de-ionization / demineralization.

All kind of special applications in industrial water treatment.

Laboratory equipment, products, reagents & chemicals.

Water treatment products, components, parts, accessories, chemicals & ion exchange resins.

Together with our supplying partners we cover:





Services & Maintenance

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